Standard Q Influenza A/B Test (25’s)



[Intended use]
The STANDARD Q Influenza A/B Test is for an in vitro diagnostic use to detect influenza infection in human nasal swab
and nasopharyngeal swab, wash, or aspirate specimens, identifying existence of influenza virus type A and B. STANDARD Q
Influenza A/B Test manufactured by SD BIOSENSOR. This is intended for professional use, only for an initial screening test.

[Test principle]
STANDARD Q Influenza A/B Test has two test lines (“A” and “B”) and a control line which is coated with monoclonal anti-influenza A, monoclonal anti-influenza B and polyclonal mouse IgG each in the membrane of test device. For the test, the
sample is added to the sample well and antigens in the sample interacts with monoclonal anti-influenza A-gold/monoclonal
anti-influenza B-gold on the conjugation pad. Antigens in the sample and the gold conjugated antibodies make complexes
and the complexes move along membrane to the test and control line chromatographically to react with the antibodies
coated on the surface of membrane. If influenza A/B viruses are present in sample, a visible line in the test line would appear
in the result window. The control line has to appear every time when the test has performed correctly.

[Kit contents]
① Test device ② Extraction Buffer Tube ③ Sterile swab ④ Filter cap ⑤ Positive control (optional)
⑥ Negative control (optional) ⑦ Fixed volume dropper(300μL) (optional) ⑧ Instructions for use