Rossmax 3BREATH is a unique 3in1
compressor nebulizer that integrates with a
nasal washer and a nasal aspirator. The
nebulizer enables efficient medication
delivered to the upper airways and lung
periphery. It provides comprehensive,
effective and convenient care for common
respiratory conditions.

1. Piston Nebulizer
The Valve Adjustable Technology (VAT)
bottle allows users to adjust different
levels of Nebulization rate 0.1
(closed) / 0.3 (fully open) ml/min at
consistent particle size.
• MMAD ≤2.5 μm Fine Particle Dose
(FPD): 80-85%
• Patented Valve Adjustable nebulizer
bottle (VAT)
• Very low noise with silencer and vibration
absorber design

2. Nasal Washer
• Flushes nasal cavities and rhinopharynx to
clear secretions, mucus and harmful
substances and alleviates
allergic symptoms.
• Nasal washer nebulizes 10ml of solution in
about 2 minutes.
• Silicone nasal adaptors provide comfortable
and soft touch and reliable seal.
• Made of biocompatible and non-allergenic
• Comes with 3 sizes of nasal adaptors and
suitable for the whole range.
• Fluid chamber capacity: Max 20ml

3. Nasal Aspirator
• Removes mucus to alleviate nasal
congestion by clearing a blocked nose. It is
safe and gentle solution to a blocked
nose in babies.
• Thanks to the Dual pump design,
nebulization and suction pump, provides
the maximum hygiene to avoid cross
• Adjustable vacuum level.
• Ergonomic design to ensure a
smooth operation.
• Max vacuum @ pump inlet: ≤ -450 mmHg
• Max air flow @ pump inlet: ≥ 5.0 lpm

MMD Product Reg.
No.: GB7398020-40139