DUO Betamox 125mg/5ml (1’s)

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Amoxicillin trihydrate
Cap/granules: Skin & skin structure, acute & chronic resp infections, complicated & uncomplicated, acute & chronic GUT infections; gonorrhoea. Prophylaxis of endocarditis. Tab: Lyme disease; typhoid fever. Prophylaxis of spleen disorders & bacterial endocarditis. Adjunct for H pylori-associated peptic ulcer. Alternative to erythromycin for chlamydial infections in pregnant women.

Dosage/Direction for Use
Cap/granules Upper resp tract, GUT, skin & soft tissue infections Adult 250 mg 8 hrly. Childn 20 mg/kg daily 8 hrly. Severe infections Adult 500 mg 8 hrly. Childn 40 mg/kg daily 8 hrly. Lower resp tract infections Adult 500 mg 8 hrly. Childn <20 kg 40 mg/kg daily 8 hrly. Gonococcal urethritis Adult 3 g as single dose. Acute, uncomplicated lower UTI in female 3 g as single dose. Peritoneal dialysis Max: 500 mg daily. Tab Adult Severe or recurrent resp tract infections 3 g bd. Uncomplicated endocervical & urethral gonorrhoea 3 g as single dose w/ probenecid 1 g. Dental abscesses/uncomplicated UTI 3 g repeated once after 8 or 10-12 hr. Chlamydia in pregnant women 500 mg every 8 hr for 7-10 days. Prophylaxis of endocarditis 3 g 1 hr before dental procedures under local or no anaesth then 1.5 g 6 hr after initial dose. H pylori-associated gastritis or peptic ulcer 500 mg qds or 750 mg tds. Lyme disease 250-500 mg tds-qds for 3-4 wk. Childn up to 10 yr 125-250 mg every 8 hr, <20 kg 20-40 mg/kg daily. Otitis media in childn 3-10 yr 750 mg bd for 2 days. Uncomplicated endocervical & urethral gonorrhoea 50 mg/kg w/ probenecid 25 mg/kg as single dose in prepubertal childn. Lyme disease 6.7-13.3 mg/kg every 8 hr for 10-30 days.
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