Clamide 5mg Tablet (10’s)

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Hypoglycaemic agent indicated in the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes in patients who respond inadequately to dietary measures alone.


Dossage/Direction for Use

Stabilisation can be started with one 5mg tablet daily with or immediately after breakfast or the first main meal. If control is satisfactory one tablet is continued as the maintenance dose. If control is unsatisfactory, the dose can be adjusted by increments of 2.5 or 5mg at weekly intervals. The total daily dosage rarely exceeds 15mg and increasing the daily dosage above this does not generally produce any additional effect.

The total daily requirement should normally be given as a single dose at breakfast, or with the first main meal. The patient’s diet and activity should be taken into account.

Children: Clamide is not recommenced for use in children.

In debilitated patients who may be more liable to hypoglycaemia, treatment should be initiated with one 2.5mg tablet daily.

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