Axcel Erythromycin 400MG Tab (100’s)


Upper & lower resp tract infections caused by Strep pyogenes & Strep pneumoniae; pertussis caused by Bordetella pertussis; skin & soft tissue infections caused by Strep pyogenes & Strep aureus; otitis media, erythrasma, listeriosis, diphtheria, primary syphillis in patients allergic to penicillin, prophylaxis of endocarditis.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult 400 mg 6 hrly or 800 mg 12 hrly. Max: 4 g daily. Childn 30-50 mg/kg in divided doses. Childn 2-8 yr 1 g daily in divided doses in severe cases. Infant & childn ≤2 yr 500 mg daily in divided doses.
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